About Us


We draw inspiration for our work from the many rich cultures that live in our city, Toronto. We are passionate about contributing to reducing the negative impact of the fashion industry, by building a low carbon business model starting right here in our city. We use only gently used garments, and dead stock textiles to which a myriad of artisanal treatments are applied, creating one-of-kind and limited-edition pieces. We utilize materials that would, for the most part, end up in our landfills or the landfills of developing countries. We innovate with garment and textile waste and create our unique tapestry with what already exists; no fabric is bought new! We are continuously working out ways to close the loop. Collaborations with other small businesses and artisans empowers us mutually; we aim to grow our collaborative efforts as this a major part of our way of doing business. Additionally, we offer consultancy and training in sustainable fashion to NGOs and private businesses.



Ethically sourced, uniquely designed, fashion and artisanal products to satisfy your desire to care for your body and the environment.